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Kerala is amazing! One of the ten paradises of the world. It only has one problem – so many nature-blessed places and lots of things to do. As you are probably reading up dreaming about your Kerala honeymoon, we write this to curate some of the best experiences in Kerala and fill your head with ideas on places to run off to with your spouse. 

You may want to experience something different, classy or special but at the same time doable and affordable. If this is you, enjoy this read.

We know how draining a task it is to zero-in on a honeymoon destination. If you are on the fence and thinking about Kerala, this article will point you in the right direction. We feature ten hand-picked experiences that we think you must consider. Let us reassure you, in Kerala your married life will kick off in signature style. Happy reading!

Dine in a Natural Cave lit with candles at Edakkal, Wayanad

Photo by: edakkal.com

Picture this, dinner served inside a natural cave lit up with 120 candles and that too exclusively for you two. On the cards is a unique experience of Neolithic style dining much like prehistoric man who inhabited the caves centuries ago. Mind-blowing!

This experience is listed among the top 25 romantic ideas to pursue world-wide by the Lonely Planet Magazine

Good to Know

This is not a walk-in experience and has to be pre-booked. For honeymooners the cave is exclusively arranged and preference will be given for resort guest before outsiders. For those going to south Kerala, consider a private dinner by the cliff overlooking the seas at Kovalam/Varkala or exclusive dinner in the hills at Munnar. 

Kindle romance on a Houseboat in Alleppey

Photo by: Kerala Tourism

Meander along the great backwaters and sleep out in a fully-furnished boat in the middle of the lake.  Staying in a traditional houseboat is probably the most romantic way to experience Kerala. Romance abounds at night under the stars when you can dine in the lantern light on delicious south Indian cuisine freshly prepared by your personal chef. 

On a floating luxury in the middle of a vast lake, you’ll feel like you are the only people on earth

Good to Know

Select the right kind of boat with privacy and perfect ambience for a honeymoon outing of the backwaters. There are even some luxurious options designed exclusively for honeymooners.

Here are some 'must-knows' about the famed Kerala houseboat experience. Click to read our detailed article.


Dusk at Athirapally Waterfalls, Thrissur

Photo by: iriyas

The sight of the Chalakudy river plunging down like white satin and flowing towards the distant horizon is totally stunning. Even the route to this spot through dense forests is brilliantly scenic. Take a slightly adventurous path to reach the bottom of the waterfalls to feel the refreshing water spray and soak-in some impressive views.

Twilight at this famed bollywood location would make for some truly magical honeymoon moments

Good to Know

The best experience at Athirapally waterfalls is during the monsoon (July-September). Consider cosying up at the rainforest resort which has a fantastic views of the falls from its rooms.


Sunset at Bekal Fort & Beach, Kasaragod

Photo by: Kerala Tourism

Thrashed unceasingly by stubborn waves, the Bekal fort, a 17th century edifice, stands nonchalantly stoic amidst legends of its battle-scared history. The beach around Kerala’s largest and well-preserved fort is an absolutely awesome place to spend your honeymoon. Inviting sunsets, ample night lighting and some top notch luxury resorts that too without hordes of tourist around makes the place perfect. 

Experience Bekal while it still escapes the eyes of the masses and relive Mani Ratnam’s ‘Tu Hi Re’

Good to Know

Plan Bekal along with the hills of Wayanad to make a completely off-beat experience. Come here between September and March when the weather is inviting and the festivals season is on.

PS: While Bekal is the less explored beach in North Kerala, for those going down south - jumping on the waves at Kovalam or Cliff beach at Varkala is the best option.


Watch the rhapsody of the hills unfold at Munnar & Vagamon

Photo by: Tornado_twister

It is the kind of place that inspires poems and paintings and so naturally kindles romance. Couples generally love going for a ride on elephants in the hills, exploring the emerald green tea estates and even screaming out loud at the Echo Point. The experience seekers could consider visiting old factories and high altitude tea gardens while the relaxed types snuggle up in the resort.

Among the most popular travel destinations in India, Munnar is the usual suspect in a classic Kerala honeymoon

Good to Know

Chose your resort well, some of the best places are tucked away in the midst of plantations and while others have ultimate valley views. As Munnar tends to be crowded with resorts and people, Vagamon the less explored but charming hills is a popular hangout for those who crave exclusivity.

Are you looking for the quintessential Kerala Honeymoon experience? Click here and let Kerala keep you forever under her spell! 

Have fun dressing up in Kerala style

Photo by: India forums

You are sure to have seen some Keralite men sporting their wear or women dressed in their elegant off-whites. Ever imagined how comfortable it is? Guys must experience the traditional mundu (a garment worn around the waist). For girls- the Kerala Kasavu Sari is must have in your wardrobe.

Click a memorable honeymoon selfie and save the wear as a souvenir of some magical times in Kerala

Some tips

The beaches and the backwaters are the best places to try on traditional wear. People of hindu faith can follow it up with a temple visit or do a small photo shoot for yourself. We can have all this arranged. 


Explore rural villages on a Royal Enfield motorcycle 

Photo by: Indus Holidays

Rent a Royal Enfield for half -a -day and run away with your spouse to the off-beat track of beaches and hills. Get off the touristic trail to the unexplored on the winding roads of the hills or the villages of the plains. Hug tight and ride away into the sunset! 

This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for slightly adventurous couples

Good to Know

If you are in the hills of munnar/vagamon this is an ideal way to spend the day in exclusive tea gardens instead of wasting time with the crowds at the regular tourist traps. You can also rent a motor bike at the beaches.



Live in a Tree house 

Photo by: Carmelia Haven Resort

With ethnic themed furnishing and state of the art amenities inside and the air of jungle life outside, tree houses are a rage with honeymooners in Kerala. Tree house are either constructed on large trees or built with wood on solid stilts that soar into the canopy of trees around them. 

Everyone’s childhood dream, right? The novelty of residing high above the ground and the secluded stay with fascinating plantation views

Good to Know

This is a premium experience and with only limited tree houses around in Wayanad/Thekkady/Munnar you will have to book well in advance to get a reservation.

Experience Aromatherapy Couple massage at a backwater resort

Photo by: Kerala Tourism

Having come to Kerala, you really wouldn’t want to miss out on the ultimate spa experience. An aromatherapy massage for a couple in the same room will detoxify, relax and help you regenerate. Kerala boasts of some of the best ayurveda facilities in the world giving you options like beachside or calm backwaters as the ambience.

Enjoy the scintillating experience of getting yourself pampered with your loved one

Good to Know

For couples on our honeymoon plans, we have special discounts on ayurveda treatment packages at some of the best places in the state


Trek to the heart-shaped lake at Chembra, Wayanad

Photo by: Kerala Tourism

There aren’t many spots in the world where you can find a cute heart-shaped lake on the hills. Trust us, a mild trek through rolling tea gardens to Chembra is the kind of outdoor activity that will really liven up your honeymoon. Besides the obvious photo opportunities, the view from the highest peak will give you a panorama of the entire Wayanad district.

Last but not least, embark on a journey that gets you a direct way to his/her heart at Chembra Peak

Good to Know

You need to get spot permission from the forest office and it is advisable to start the trek early in the morning.

Would you like us to find some tucked away places to stay, suggest experiences or even tailor-make a honeymoon for you? 


Tips for planning your Kerala honeymoon

We hope some of these unique experiences have caught your fancy. We will leave you with some tips for planning that perfect honeymoon. After all, it is probably the most important holiday in your life.

  • Discuss options and choose experiences that you mutually like. We always suggest to give experiences more importance than destinations per se.
  • Kerala is a round-the-year destination, but some experiences are best depending on the time of travel so take help from an expert
  • The perfect hotel/resort can change a good honeymoon into one that you will never forget. There are some honeymoon-focussed properties you might want to consider.
  • Don’t pack in too much and think off-beat.

Kerala has a lot more hide-outs and honeymoon getaways that will surely enthral you. We hope to have given you a feel of the entire experience and to have pointed you in the right direction to make your honeymoon in Kerala memorable. You might want to check out some of specially curated honeymoon packages for Kerala. 

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