Six stunning beaches on the Kerala Coastline: Choose yours!

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They say you never know how many friends you have until you rent a place by a beach. We all love beaches, they are hands-down the easiest way to cool off. Like any other beach destination in the world, Kerala too promises a neat coastline and fun activities in the sun. However, its claim to fame is clearly its concept of yoga by the beach and ayurvedic rejuvenation in the beach ambience. You really must feel it to experience it!

Our attempt is to bring out the character of the top 6 beaches in Kerala so you can zero in on the beach experience that suits you best. 

Along Kerala’s 550 km long coast line you will find the entire range from thrilling activity oriented beaches to calm spots where you can lie down and not be worried of getting trampled by hordes of tourists. So how do you pick a place? That’s the point of this article. We’ve got loads tips, unique experiences and options to consider while you explore them on the way. Happy reading!

Marari Beach

Photo by: CGH Earth

Marari doesn’t have the trappings of a typical tourist beach in Kerala; it has the slow pace of a traditional Keralan fishing village. The marari experience is for those who look forward to a peaceful place to unwind soaking up the serenity and tranquillity of a deserted sandy beach. You can spend your days here visiting traditional coir making units, exploring the harmonious way of life at the fishing villages, enjoying trips on the famed Keralan backwater canals and trying out simple dishes of the fisher folk.

Come to Marari if you looking for a distinct beach experience centered around the slow life of a fishing village

Planning a trip here: 

Marari Beach is close to Kochi/Alleppey and is perfect for travellers who wish for the beach experience while also exploring the backwaters. Come here in August when you can check out the snake boat races or otherwise best time is from September to March. 

Get Beached @ Marari Beach Resort


Per Room (min)

Marari Beach Resort

With the aim of creating a totally new experience in sensitive travel, at Marari beach resort in Kerala, nature remains the chief architect

Good For: Boutique Stay Lovers, Nature Lovers

Best Times: November - February

Duration: 3-5 days for the beach lovers

A luxury resort modelled on the fishermen’s dwelling of Marari but with all modern amenities. It aims to capture the soul of the beach by recreating the ancient, harmonious way of life.

Activities at Marari

  • Yoga classes on the beach can be amazing
  • Explore the nearby fishing villages by the beach
  • Visit the Krishnapuram Palace, a glimpse into Kerala architecture, mural paintings and weaponry awaits you
  • Experience Ayurveda treatments by the beach side
  • Visit the traditional coir making units in the outskirts of the village
  • Cruise the backwaters of Alleppey at your own pace soaking in the slow relaxed life of the villages

Are you looking for some awesome deals on beach stays or local tips to pick your beach resort in Kerala? Let us help.

Bekal Fort and Beach 

Thrashed unceasingly by stubborn waves, the Bekal fort, a 17th century edifice, stands nonchalantly stoic amidst legends of its battle-scared history. The beaches around the Kerala’s largest and well-preserved fort is absolutely the best place to do a bit of soul searching as you swim in calm waters (well, almost!). The sunset view is inviting, there are fishing villages to see and the best part is that there won’t be hordes of tourists around. I guess the facilities at this special tourism zone like rock gardens, aqua parks and walk ways with ample night lighting makes the place stand out.

Bekal is ideal for a pampered family getaway; experience this place while it still escapes the eyes of the masses

Planning a trip here: 

Bekal has some of the top luxury beach resorts in Kerala. Plan a slow holiday to explore the area or as part of a northern Kerala tour along with Wayanad and heritage town of Mysore. Come here from September to March when the weather is inviting and the festivals season is on.

Varkala Beach

Photo by: Thejas Panarkandy

A high rocky cliff ends abruptly and a stretch of clear sand extends down to the sea. You can stay right on the cliff, overlooking sun sinking into the sea without the bustle of some of the busier beaches of Kerala. It's incredibly romantic! Varkala beach is for the sporty kind having developed into a brilliant surf destination for beginners with warm waters and short waves. Paragliding of the cliffs facing the open sea is another exciting option here. With the 2,000-year old Janardhana temple, pious mineral springs and the nature care centre there is an element of mysticism to the place too. The rejuvenating Ayurveda massages and yoga on the beach over here are fantastic drawing from years of tradition.

Facilities for Yoga by the beach side, adventure activities and unique cliff ambience makes Varkala the pick of the beaches in Kerala

Planning a trip here

The best time to surf here is between September and November and from March to May. Being close to Trivandrum a trip here can be easily planned with any South Kerala tour. Plan a slow beach holiday, may be even stay a week here doing yoga and cooking. Chill!

Kovalam Beach

Photo by: Kerala Tourism

If it is action you are looking for, you'll definitely find it at Kovalam beach - the most popular and best developed beach in Kerala. The fantastic beach resorts, with one-of-a-kind Ayurveda salons, yoga and meditation centres set in the ambience of golden sands make it distinct from the other beaches in Kerala. There are many beach spots in Kovalam –lighthouse (busiest with open air restaurants), hawah beach and Samudra beach (better for little more secluded experience). For the adventure enthusiasts, Kovalam is quickly developing into a professional surfing destination. 

This popular beach in Kerala is best if you are looking for the beach side ayurveda and yoga experience

Planning a trip here: 

Kovalam is very close to Trivandrum, so getting here is easy. The best time to plan a trip to Kovalam beach is from November to March. However, very nice discounts are available during the monsoon season (July-August). Come here in September to witness Onam, the 10 day grand harvest festival of Kerala. 

Slow down @ Surya Samudra 

Rs. 9500+

Per Room (min)

Niramaya Surya Samudra

Traditional dwellings that evoke a sense of romance with the past along with authentic yoga and ayurveda makes it a unique beach resort 

Good For: Boutique Stay Lovers, Nature Lovers

Best Times: November - February

Duration: 3-5 days for the beach lovers

A luxury resort modelled on traditional Keralite heritage homes. Effortlessly blending weathered wood with contemporary luxury thereby offering a perfect balance between old world charm and modern day comfort


  • Private yoga classes on a roofless platform surrounded by sea on three sides
  • Spend time in their globally acclaimed spa infused with timeless therapeutic traditions from across the world
  • Head to the Padmanabhapuram Palace to witness some of the finest examples of Kerala’s architecture
  • Explore the nearby fishing villages in the coastal town of Vizhinjam
  • Take a day trip to Kanyakumari, a discovery at the lands end of India
  • Cruise the backwaters of Poovar at your own pace soaking in the sunset

Looking for a short beach break in Kerala? Our tours planned by local experts should help in your decision making.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Photo by: Kerala Tourism

The name may be a tongue twister but the beach is straight as an arrow. The scene is magnificent with golden sunset, rocks dotting the shoreline and bikers/families enjoying by the beach side. The shallow waters and weak currents makes the place ideal for adventure sports like parasailing, paragliding and micro-light flights besides making it a safe place for swimming. Don’t forget to try the traditional moplah cuisine like unnakaya (banana fritter with coconut filing), Biryani, Pathiris and arikadukka (mussels stuffed with rice).

The longest drive-in Beach in Asia with 4 km beach offers visitors a chance to zip along the surface in a vehicle

Planning a trip here:

Located near Kannur in north Kerala, plan this place along with a north Kerala exploration. April is good time to come here during the beach festival. You may want to beach-proof your car before you go here.

Cherai Beach

Photo by: Jan J George

Cherai beach qualifies as a good beach close to Kochi’s heritage area.  Being clean and shallow it is very safe for swimming and sunbathing. The beach features a 400m long walkway with mask lamps which make it enjoyable during the night. Water scooters and speedboats are available on rent for action seekers. However Cherai is best as a family beach being very close to the heritage zone of Fort Kochi. Occasionally, people also see dolphins in the waters over here. The lagoons are very close to the beach making for a remarkable sight. 

Safe, shallow and quiet beach about 45 mins drive from the heritage zone of Fort Kochi

Planning a trip here: 

Very close to Kochi city area and can be easily visited for an evening by ferry or road. November to March is the best time to come here.

Other Noteworthy Beaches in Kerala

While we did highlight some of the most famous beaches in Kerala above, the coastline surely has more to offer. Below we feature some of the other prominent beaches and what they are famous for. It will point you in the right direction if you are looking for some beach experiences in particular.

Special beaches in Kerala

Kappad Beach

Famous from the historical standpoint as the place where Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed in 1498 establishing the sea route from Europe to India. The beach has now been beautified with a lot of facilities.

Location: Near Kozhikode

Ideal as: A neat beach for a short stay

Fort Kochi

Set in the backdrop of the legendary Chinese fishing nets, this place is ideal to spend a lazy evening viewing the romantic sunset. The granite walkway between the beach and Vasco da Gama Square where numerous stalls sell fresh seafood throughout the day is popular.

Location: Near Kochi

Ideal for: An evening hangout

Alapuzha beach

The pier, which extends into the sea here, is over 137 years old. Entertainment facilities at the Vijaya Beach Park add to the attraction of the beach. There is also an old lighthouse nearby which is greatly fascinating to visitors.

Location: Alapuzha town

Ideal as: Spend a couple of hours here if you miss out on other beach experiences in Kerala.

Shankumugham beach

This is a typical city beach and is famous for matsya kanyaka – the mermaid statue and a restaurant shaped like a starfish. It also has relevance as Bali Tarpanam (Prayers for the dead) is held here.

Location: near Thiruvananthapuram

Ideal for: An evening hangout

Payyambalam beach

Quiet, secluded, this beautiful stretch of sand and surf is the best locale for a relaxed evening. Befriend dolphins and indulge in watersports in this unexplored beach destination. It is a picnic spot of the locals.

Location: near Kannur (north Kerala)

Ideal for: Parasailing, Dolphin spotting, Water sports

Kozhikode beach

The dusk at Kozhikode is spectacular. The points of attraction at the beach are its twin crumbling piers (constructed more than a 100 years ago) and its ancient lighthouse. Other places include the Lions Park and the Marine Water Aquarium.

Location: Kozhikode

Ideal for: For rest and relaxation after you have explored the beautiful city of Kozhikode

Chowara beach

This beautiful fishing hamlet has many picturesque spots while you watch the gorgeous sunsets. It is best known for the yoga and Ayurveda by the beach experience that it offers.

Location: near Kovalam beach

Ideal for: Less crowded fisherman’s beach

Andhakaranazhi beach

It is a serene and calm beach not frequented by tourists. There is a beautiful light house near the beach along with a Tsunami shelter. It is located near the backwaters and gives a glimpse into the typical village life of Kerala.

Location: near Alapuzha

Ideal for: Combines the beach, backwaters and life in a Kerala Village experience

Kollam beach

An array of beach activities attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year to this perfect beach setting offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. A port city and one time active harbour for Chinese ships and trade.

Location: Kollam town

Ideal for: lesser crowded beach experience

Chavakkad beach

A long sandy beach where you can see lines of fishermen pulling in their nets while also watching migratory birds. Take an early morning trip to watch the fishermen land their catch then auction it off. It is also the confluence of river and sea.

Location: near Thrissur

Ideal for: Experiencing a typical fishermen’s beach

General tips for Beaches in Kerala

The monsoon season (July-August) means raining discounts (up to 50% off) at the beach resorts in Kerala. The monsoon experience at the best beaches in Kerala has a charm of its own, so cash in on this if you want all the luxury, lesser crowds and light budget beach holiday.Nudity is not allowed on any beach in kerala and public display of affection is seriously frowned upon. If you are looking for privacy then check in to resorts which have a private beach front. 

So that’s us signing off, hope we have able to take you one step closer to your Kerala beach experience. If you do have any questions about the beaches you can leave a comment below. Have a fantastic time in Kerala. Cheers!

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