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Into the Unexplored

Wayanad, Kannur, Valiyaparamba, Bekal, Coorg & more

14 Days

On this tour you ditch the crowded tourism destinations in South India and discover the picturesque unexplored North Kerala, Coorg & Mysore. The delicious local cuisine, misty forest of Wayanad, sandy white beaches, Theyyam and backwaters of Kasaragod makes this off-beat tour unique with virgin destinations and non-touristy experiences.

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Experience Highlights

  • Deep in the village, seek blessing directly from the gods as the Theyyam performer enters spiritual trance and becomes the deity
  • Join in an energetic prayer ceremony with Tibetan monks in a huge monastery at Coorg
  • Stay on a beautiful eco-friendly houseboat as it traverses through the virgin backwaters
  • Zip along the surface in a vehicle at Asia’s longest drive-in beach
  • Discover the beautiful Mysore city palace glittering in its royal heritage

Day to Day Itinerary

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Tour on Map

Detailed Itinerary




You will be welcomed at Kozhikode by our company representative. This vacation begins in the prosperous trading town, bang on the spot where Vasco Da Gama first landed in India in 1498.You will stay in a 150 year old heritage royal manor which is now a homestay.

Explore Kozhikode: relish the famous Malabari cuisine, beaches and more

Late afternoon and evening, explore the bustling market area. Mithai Theruvu is the place you can go in search of the famous Calicut halwas (sweet). Evening would be ideal at the legendary beach. For dinner, we’ll take you to a place where you can get the best of the popular Malabar cuisine. Mildly flavoured, gently cooked biriyanis are a must try in this region.

Kozhikode Beach

Image by Dhruvaraj


exploring kozhikode

Wake up to the sounds of bells from the nearby temple. Today we experience the marvels of the ancient city of Kozhikode. The boatyard, timber trade centres and martial arts traditions will keep you intrigued.

The heritage trail: An ancient boat yard, Kalaripayattu and more

We start the day at one of the last few places in the world where boats are fashioned out of wood. Beypore is home to a 1500 year old ship building industry which still works miraculously without using modern technology. You could buy some intricately crafted uru- models too. On the way back, stop at Kallai, the erstwhile timber trading centre. Don’t miss a chance to visit a Kalari school where they teach the traditional martial art form: Kalaripayattu.


Image by GayatriKrishnamoorthy

At Kappad beach: Sands that served as the Gateway to the Malabar

Spend the evening at the Kappad, the historic beach where Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on the Malabar coast in 1498 in search of Indian spices. The element of history and the calm unspoilt beach makes for a great evening. Relax for the night at your resort.




Today, you will set out on a journey to the hills of Wayanad. Remarkably unspoilt, at Wayanad, nature puts on a great show leaving you spell bound. The destination is off-beat so you won’t have hordes of tourists around.

Travel to WAYANAD (90 Km / 2.5 hours)

The 9- hair pin’s to Wayanad

This morning, you will drive up through a number of hairpin bends and turns of the famous Thamarassery Mountain Pass. Enjoy the landscape along the way as you reach your destination, Wayanad. Take a snap at the Lakkidi view point and spend some time at the Pookode Lake.

Amazing Retreats @ Wayanad



Edakkal caves

As you soak-in the feel of Wayanad, today we take you to the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, the beautiful Soochipara waterfalls and the pre-historic Edakkal caves.

Travel to ooty (130 Km / 3 hours)

Muthanga Jeep safari: Experience Wayanad wildlife

Travel through marshy tracks into the heart of the forest where the trained eyes of spotters will help you see wild peacocks, squirrels, groups of spotted deers, wild monkeys and elephants in the wild. Get lucky to spot some of the big cats too!

Edakkal caves

Communing with ancestors at the legendary Edakkal caves

The surrealism of ancient carvings, it takes you to a different era altogether. Doesn’t it? Well, after lunch you could head to Edakkal caves, the only known place for stone-age carvings in South India. Do enjoy the jaw-dropping views of Wayanad from here.

Evening trip to the Sentinel Rock waterfalls

A walk through thick, wet and evergreen forests will lead you to the scenic sight of the Soochipara waterfalls. It is a three-tiered waterfall from a height of 200 metres. Enjoy the ambience and trek to the spot and spend your evening here

Have an enjoyable dinner and relax for the night at your resort.




Today, we drive down to a small fishing village by the beach in Kannur. The calm palm fringed beach with local fishermen and no tourist traffic is magical. For the next few days, relax and enjoy secluded beaches and sea.

Travel to kannur (130 Km / 3hours)

Explore the fishing village: unspoilt and calm surroundings

Relax at your beautiful cottage homestay facing the secluded beaches. Superb location, excellent seafood and almost private sandy beaches are the greatest attractions here. You could visit the local handloom and beedi (unprocessed tobacco wrapped in leaves) making centres too.

Theyyam Performance

Experience Theyyam: A spiritually charged ritual dance with local flavour

Travel to the heart of a North Keralan village and local temple where you will experience this high energy performance. Theyyam with its elaborate head gear, crowns and vibrant body painting makes for an authentic local experience. (Nov-March is the main Theyyam season in Kannur)



At the drive-in beach

Enjoy home-cooked meals and experience a beautiful, unspoilt part of Kerala from your beach side homestay. Evening would be a good time to explore Muzhappilangad drive-in beach.

Relax in your homestay: Experience the local cuisine

If you are keen on exploring the heritage town: Visit St.Angelo’s Fort, Arakkal palace or erstwhile British trade centre of Tellicherry. Don’t forget to try the traditional moplah cuisine like unnakaya (banana fritter with coconut filing), Biryani, Pathiris and Arikadukka (mussels stuffed with rice).

Drive-in Beach, Muzhappilangad

An evening at Muzhappilangad: Kerala’s only drive-in beach

The name may be a tongue twister but the beach is straight as an arrow. The scene is magnificent with golden sunset, rocks dotting the shoreline and bikers/families enjoying by the beach side. The shallow waters and weak currents make the place ideal for adventure sports, swimming and an awesome beach ride.



Houseboat in the Valiyaparamba

This morning, take a short journey through backwater villages to reach Valiyaparamba. This stretch of backwaters is an undiscovered jewel of Malabar and will take you to some of the most stunning parts of the backwaters.

Travel to valiyaparamba (60 Km / 1.5 hours)

On board a ‘Kettuvallom’: A glimpse of backwater life

After traditional lunch on your private houseboat, the cruise will take you through splendid waterways of narrow canals. You will get opportunities to explore village life and the country side. This will also be your best chance to try some of the Keralan seafood delicacies prepared by your on board chef. As we drift along you will be amazed by life at the waterside and witness a spectacular sunset. Experience the night life in an anchored houseboat in the middle of the lake. Overnight stay in Houseboat.

Houseboat in the Valiyaparamba



unexplored backwaters & Bekal fort

After breakfast, head to Nileshwaram, a tranquil area of backwaters fringed by coconut plantations & un-crowded inland waterways. Evening would be best spent at the legendary Bekal fort.

Explore Nileshwaram: Enjoy the country side, folk arts and village life

Nileshwaram is reminiscent of the typical villages in Kerala. The area is home to folk arts, temple festivals, sacred groves and markets which really give you a feel of rural life in Kerala. Stroll along the Kottappuram Bridge, the longest foot bridge over the backwaters and enjoy the scenic view all around.

The 300-year-old Bekal Fort

An evening at Bekal Fort: Legends, beaches and romance

Thrashed unceasingly by stubborn waves, Kerala’s largest fort offers a superb view from its observation towers. The beaches around the fort are absolutely the best place to do a bit of soul searching as you swim in calm waters (well, almost!). The sunset view is inviting, there are fishing villages to see and the best part is that there won’t be hordes of tourists around.

Spend the night at leisure at your backwater resort.



The hills of coorg

Coorg is rejuvenation guaranteed. Nestled amid ageless hills, acres of plantation and emerald landscapes this is a vacationer’s paradise. The rural expanse is a major centre of spice and coffee production too.

Travel to Coorg (140 Km / 3 hours)

Drive up the hills: spectacular sights along the way

The uneven terrain and cool climate make for a fantastic place in the lap of nature. This destination is ideal for trekking, bird-watching or lazily ambling around winding carpeted hills. For the authentic Coorg experience, you have to venture into the plantations.

Hills of coorg

Image by pravin8

Pick-up some activities: Rafting, trekking or just coffee tasting

If you are the outdoorsy type then think about river rafting or trekking along plantations. For quieter outings you could consider fishing or bird-watching in their natural habitat. You might as well enjoy the ambience of your plantation resort and enjoy a lovely dinner.



little tibet, waterfalls & friendly jumbos

This morning, after an enjoyable breakfast at your plantation stay, head for a tour of Coorg. Spend the day at waterfalls, with elephants, at the Tibetan monastery and end the day with sunset as the Raja would do it at Raja’s seat. An amazing experience on the cards

Travel to Coorg (140 Km / 3 hours)

At Dubare elephant camp: fun time with the gentle jumbos

If you get thrilled by elephants taking bath and splashing loads of water around, this elephant camp is the best place to be. This capturing cum training camp is located scenically at the edge of the forests on the banks of the Kaveri. It is fun and adventure packed into one trip

Tibetian Monastery @ Coorg

Visit to Namdroling monastery: The mini-Tibet of India

The atmosphere here is heart-warmingly welcoming, and a real festive during the Tibetan new year. Explore the ornate statues of Buddha in the Golden Temple and dramatic prayer sessions here. A total must experience!

Raja’s Seat & Abbey waterfalls: The most romantic spots

The roar of the fall can be heard from the hanging bridge from where you can view the abbey waterfalls. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset at Raja’s seat along with the garden view and musical fountains. Head back to your resort, enjoy dinner and unwind.



At ‘the city of palaces’- mysore

Today, we travel to one of South India’s most vibrant cities – Mysore. The grand palaces, silk, sandalwood and incense production give an iconic status to this destination.

Travel to Mysore (110 Km / 3 hours)

Visit the Maharaja’s Palace: The icon of Mysore

Built in Indo-saracenic style with dome, arches and turrets, the palace is a treasure house of exquisite carvings and works from all over the world. The jewels studded throne, majestic durbar hall with ornate ceilings and intricately carved doors make for a fascinating sight. If you are lucky to be here on a Sunday or public holiday, the illuminated palace will be a spectacle to remember!

The Iconic Mysore Palace

Also visit the Rajendra art gallery, which houses a remarkable collection of paintings from Raja Ravi Varma to other traditional Mysore styles. Relax for the evening at your resort.



explore mysore

Today, you get to explore this ancient city, its bustling markets, magnificent monuments and more. Shop around for premium silk, incense and sandalwood which are a speciality of Mysore. After exploring Chamundi hills during the day, a magical evening at Brindavan awaits you.

Explore Chamundi hills: Panoramic view of Mysore

Morning is a great time to start a fine half-day excursion to Chamundi Hills. Experience the panoramic view overlooking the Mysore city and explore the marvellous temple. The 1000 stone steps laid out by the Maharaja in the 17th century and the majestic Nandi monolith is a compelling sight. Enjoy shopping around for local specialities at the Devaraja Market.

Devaraja Market, Mysore

Evening at the Brindavan Gardens: This place is purely magical

These gardens have been the background of many a shimmying bollywood musical number. After sunset, the special attractions include dancing fountains where coloured lights transform the place into a magical fairyland. Also visit the famous KRS dam which is an awesome sight too. Relax for the night at your resort




Get geared up for Bengaluru, India’s booming IT hub and its energy. While modernity does push the boundaries of the city, the combined legacies of Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan and the British still live on. Bengaluru’s creature comforts can be godsend for the weary traveller. You may also consider visiting Srirangapatna- the summer palace on the way here

Travel to bengaluru (190 Km / 4 hours)

Visit Srirangapatna: the fortress of the ‘Tiger of Mysore’

Steeped in bloody history, this fort town is built on an island on the Cauvery river. This was the summer palace and de facto capital from where Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan ruled in their glory days. After epic wars (Tipu defeated by British) we are left with a clutch of monuments, beautiful wall paintings and a nice view to have lunch!

Cosmopolitan Bengaluru

Get Bangalored: Benevolent climate & charm of the Indian IT hub

Once known as the garden city, it is now dominated by IT parks. Explore the lovely gardens like Lalbhag, Cubbon park and lovely Victorian-era architecture as visible on the Vidhan Sauda - which houses both the State Legislature and Secretariat. You may consider a trip to the famous bull temple too.

Bengaluru’s burgeoning drinking and dining scene means there are lots of options you could consider for an evening outing. Relax for the night in your hotel.



DEPART bengaluru

Today is the last day of your tour. Depending on your flight schedule, you will be taken to the airport/ rail station for onward journey with memories to last for a lifetime.

Bon Voyage

Recommended Trip Add-Ons

add ons

River rafting in Coorg

The stunning backdrop and the turbulent flow of the Barapole river will spill many thrills as you exult in a rip-roaring round of white-water rafting in Coorg

add ons

Visit Sargaalaya Crafts village

With 60 odd stalls, this picturesque village hosts some of the best local artisans where you can see them at work. Buy some rare local produce or even take a crash course on making some!



3 star Hotel/resort with neat amenities, hygienic bathrooms & European toilets, Telephone and 24 hours room service


Air Conditioned vehicle with chauffer at your disposal thorough out the tour


Buffet breakfast included at all resorts/ hotel and all meals in the houseboat

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