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Heritage With Ayurveda Wellness


This vacation will give you a chance to explore the heritage attractions of south India along with magical effects of ayurveda. You will indulge in herbal massages & unwind with meditation and yoga sessions while the exotic temples take you to a different world all together. This break will be something you have never experienced before!

Places: Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Tanjore & Ayurveda resort

Duration:16 Days (min)

honeymoon package

Experience Highlights

  • Lifestyle evaluation and specific treatment as prescribed by “Vaidya”/Ayurveda doctor at the start of the programme
  • Cover 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites on your tour: Legendary Stone carving sites at Mahabalipuram, the great living Chola temple sites and the Western Ghats.
  • Stay in a beautiful ayurveda centre based on your theme of location like ancient palace, village, backwaters or sun-kissed beaches
  • Watch a demo of ancient martial art form Kalaripayattu by individuals devoted to the tradition
  • Daily morning Yoga and meditation sessions under the guidance of an instructor during your stay at the ayurveda resort

Tour on Map


Day to Day itinerary

Day 1 - Day 2

Chennai / Mahabalipuram

Day 3 - Day 4


Day 5


Day 6 - Day 7


Day 8 - Day 15


Day 16

Depart Kochi


Chennai Arrival

You will be welcomed at Chennai International airport by our company representative and taken to your hotel.

Welcome to Chennai – the largest city in south India. Established in 1639 as one of four divisions of the country under Imperial British rule, it is today is a significant gateway to southern India. Relax for the night at your hotel.



Chennai & Mahabalipuram

We start the tour after breakfast with a quick tour of two places of traveller interest in Chennai.

Visit San Thome Cathedral: One of the 3 apostle’s sites in the world

It is a16th century neo-gothic style cathedral. It houses the tomb of St. Thomas, the apostle who came to India in 52 AD and was killed here in 72 AD. His mortal remains are in Italy but a relic has a tiny bone fragment on a cross here.

At the Government Museum: Celebrating heritage with Chola bronze

This is the second oldest museum in India. The Archeology section exhibits 2nd century Buddhist to 16th century Vijayanagara work. The Bronze gallery is famous for its Chola era bronze idol collection. The National Art gallery exhibits Ravi Varma and Tanjore paintings.

Optional visits:Kapaleeswarar temple (8th century pallava architecture) and Marina Beach (world’s second longest natural beach, 13 km)

A view of the interiors of the neo-gothic style San Thome, built over the tomb of St. Thomas

Travel To Mahabalipuram (60 Km, 2 Hrs)

Mahabalipuram is an enclave of seafood, sun and sand. The town is famous for its ancient rock carvings and still the best place to see artisans chip away at exquisite sculptures in stone. Check in to your hotel

Evening free to explore beaches and promenades

Relax in your hotel for some time and by sunset, head to the beach and soak in the sun. Night life is fun at Mahabalipuram with seafood, shopping for miniature stone work and walks. Enjoy your dinner and relax for the night.



Mahabalipuram & Kumbakonam

We start today’s tour at 9 am after a lovely breakfast in your hotel. You can explore the heritage sites in Mahabalipuram for half a day before you head to your next destination.

Spend Half-a-day enjoying Pallava stone work at the UNESCO Heritage Sites

Experience seekers and history buffs will find heaven here. Explore the magnificence of Pallava architecture at the 3 monuments: Shore temple (magnificent ruins of a dual shrine), Arjuna’s Penance (bas relief on the face of a huge rock) and the PanchRathas.

Arjuna’s Penance, a legend (story) carved on monolithic rock is testimony to the architectural and artistic brilliance of man

Travel To Kumbakonam (200 Km, 3.5 Hrs)

Our destination today is Kumbakonam, a small Indian town along the Cauvery river. The town is famous for many superb Chola temples scattered around nearby.

At Gangaikondacholapuram: A heritage temple famed for its sculptural quality

This UNESCO heritage site protects the remains of a grand ancient city and a civilisation that surpassed all at its time in engineering excellence and architectural marvel. The site also features a remarkable lion-well.

Relax for the night at your resort in Kumbakonam.




Today will be less hectic as we spend more time in the environs of your resort initiating yoga, meditation and some cultural learning too. The rest of the day will be spent exploring heritage sites, local village temples and seeing the unique art of bronze casting famous from the Chola era.

Begin the day in Tamil style: rangoli, yoga and mediation

Early in the day participate in a pooja and draw a “Kolam” which is art of decorating floors with rice powder. Spend the next hour doing a guided yoga and meditation session before enjoying your theme breakfast.

The exquisite stone work at Airavateswara which includes stone chariots, horses and elephants

Appreciate the Chola art of bronze casting: The only school of iconography

We will take you to a village workshop where the famous bronze idols are cast and defined. It is an ancient Chola art where beautiful icons are made out of the ‘lost wax process’. Directly see various stages of the manufacturing process to appreciate the art yourself.

Travel back to your resort atKumbakonam, enjoy some folk performances and relax for the day.



Tanjore & Madurai

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at your hotel and by 9 am we begin our journey to Trichy via Tanjore. Welcome to the ancient capital of the Chola Kings and important centre of South Indian art. The Tanjore school of painting is famous for depicting Lord Krishna in white.


Explore the Brihadishwara Temple: ‘Big temple’ with the largest temple tower

This famous Shiva temple is also part of the great living Chola temples heritage site. The temple houses one of Asia’s largest stone Nandi (bull) statues. Curiously the temple architecture is such that at any time of the day, it never creates a shadow on the ground.

Among the most celebrated architectural discoveries in Tamil Nadu, the Brihadeswara temple is one compelling sight

Travel To Madurai (180 Km, 3 Hrs)

Madurai is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world famous for the Meenakshi temple and being a cultural hub of Tamil Nadu.

Visit the Thirumalai Nayak Palace: built as one of the grandest in South India

This is the 17th century palace of Tirumalai Nayak who made significant contribution to the city of Madurai and the Meenakshi Temple. This Palace is a classic fusion of Dravidian and Islamic styles. This national monument is famous for its interior work and artistic style.

After visiting the palace, check-in to your hotel, relax for the day.



Madurai & Thekkady

Enjoy a lovely breakfast at your hotel and by 9 am we begin our journey to the famous temple at Madurai. Spend the day exploring the temple and then by afternoon we head into Kerala staying for the night at Periyar.

A day at the Meenakshi Temple: Architectural marvel of the fish eyed goddess

A fascinating temple complex embellished with gateway towers with exquisitely multi-coloured images of gods, demons and mythical figures. Enter through the busy eastern entrance (a lot of craft shops here) and move on to see the 1000 pillar hall and the art museum. Also spend time at the massive temple tank and leave the temple through the hall with magnificently painted ceilings.

A snapshot of the gopurams at the Meenakshi temple, encrusted with a staggering array of gods, goddesses, demons and heroes

Travel To Thekkady (140 Kms, 3 Hrs)

Check-in to your resort, relax for a while and soak in the tropical garden landscape. Relax for the evening and sleep well.



In The Periyar Reserve (Thekkady)

Today you will have some of the best wildlife experiences on offer in Periyar. A nature walk by the river side, an elephant safari, shopping and evening seeing one of the oldest martial arts forms in existence.

Go for an early morning Nature walk in the reserve

Dawn is an ideal time to view exotic wildlife with the help of your trained tribal naturalist/ guide in the Periyar tiger reserve. The walk through the jungle explores a safe and easy path for about 3 hours. You can get lucky and spot some wildlife, flowers and birds along the way. Head back to your resort for a late breakfast.

Elephant Safari: Take a ride on top of a friendly elephant (Optional)

Nothing like a friendly jumbo! If you are interested we will take you on a ride through plantations on an elephant or even do a jumbo shower. Safe and among the best experiences in Thekkady,

Asiatic elephants, gaurs and wild boars are commonly spotted in the reserve during boating

Experience Kalaripayattu: One of the oldest fighting systems in existence

Today evening, we will take you to attend a Kalaripayattu show illustrating the 3000 year old art-form. The practitioners of Kalaripayattu are not only warriors but also self-healers. Besides the swords and daggers the warriors are also trained in a unique weapon called ‘Urumi’ - a lethal flexible sword that can be concealed as a waist belt.

Relax for the night at your resort.




Today venture out to east Kumarakom, an idyllic village set in a maze of complex lush waterways marked by its gentle pace of life. This resort will be the destination of your backwater ayurveda holiday. We can customise this part to have beach side, village resort or any other ayurveda destination of your preference.

Travel To Kumarakom (120 Kms, 3 Hrs)

Take it slow: A day of relaxationand consultation with your ayurveda doctor

After settling in you can start consultation with your resident doctor. Based on your therapy of interest, a lifestyle evaluation will be done and your doctor will suggest your diet and therapy routine for best results. Spend the rest of the day enjoying the scenic environs by the lake side. Relax for the night at your resort.

Recreate the way of life very typical of the backwater culture at Kumarakom



Ayurveda By The Backwaters

In the span of the next 7 days, you avail the amazing benefits of Ayurveda therapies. In the ambience of your backwater resort which is recreated from traditional Kerala style homes you will relax well. The ayurveda centre will also have the best facilities for treatment, experienced doctors and the right atmosphere for your rejuvenation vacation.

In your free time you may choose to lounge by the pool or indulge in some creative pursuits of your interest. Ayurveda besides being an ancient Indian science of healing is also a philosophy of living.

Experience the amazing benefits of ayurveda as you take a wellness holiday in Gods Own Country

A brief idea of your schedule for the next 7 days is furnished below:

  • 06:30 am to 07:30 am – Yoga Session
  • 08:00 am to 09:00 am – Breakfast
  • 09:00 am to 01:00 pm – 1st treatment of the Day
  • 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm – Lunch
  • 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm – 2nd treatment of the Day
  • 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm – Meditation Session
  • 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm – Dinner


Depart Kochi

Your wellness holiday ends today. Relax and allow your body to re-adjust after the treatment. Head to the airport in Kochi for a flight back home starting on a totally new page on the health side.

Bon Voyage



Ayurveda specialisedresort/Hotel (otherwise) with neat amenities, hygienic bathrooms & European toilets, Telephone and 24 hours room service


Air Conditioned vehicle with chauffer at your disposal except during ayurveda treatment days.


Vegetarian meals (B L D) as prescribed by your doctor to aid treatment during the days in your ayurveda resort. Buffet breakfast is included in stay at all other destinations.

Total tour cost

It varies on the days, resort and treatment chosen. Our team can customise this package for you and work out some good deals too.

Package Customisation Options

On this customisable package you get to choose your wellness programme, number of days and theme of stay.

THERAPY OPTIONS : Choose among Beauty care therapy, Anti – Ageing Therapy, De-stress therapy, Weight shedding Therapy and rejuvenation therapy or mention specific requirement

Day of Treatment: 7, 14, 21 or 28 Days. Some centres have a minimum of 14 days treatment

STAY THEME: Sun Kissed beaches, Backwaters, Village life, in the rain forests or heritage Palaces

Feel free to ask our team to design a programme specific to your need. It's amazing what ayurveda can do for you.

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