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The Indus Travel Concept


We believe that the most precious moments of travel are taken home not through our luggage or our cameras. It is through our senses which manifest time and again as everlasting memories.

The more you think about it, you’ll realize that the sights you See are but a small part of a destination experience. Going beyond the sights themselves, as you Feel the culture, Taste the local cuisine, Hear the stimulating music and get Touched by the healing power, you connect with a place at a much deeper level.

It was this thought of giving a well-rounded, diverse and deep experience that evolved into our travel philosophy

Five Senses and a Million Experiences

Don’t merely visit as a passive tourist, come, connect with all your senses and absorb the destination like a local

Imagine, a travel experience which offers a treat for all the five senses and, at the end of it all, for the sixth sense too! It is this dimension of travel that we bring into all our tours which is designed based on first-hand experiences of our explorer team. That is why you can expect out-of-the-ordinary and authentic travel experiences when you travel with us.

What We Offer

We cater to travelers bound for South India and because of this focus you can expect explicit destination knowledge and the warmth of personalised service on any holiday with us. Our focus on indulging your senses will allow you to savour the connection you develop as you travel through South India. Here is a brief preview of what we offer

Customized, thrilling, value for money holiday experiences
anywhere in South India.