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The multiplicity of the geographical features of the state has resulted in a corresponding diversity in climate. The High Ranges have a cool and revitalizing climate throughout the year, while the plains are hot and humid. Generally, Kerala can be said to have warm tropical climate.

Kerala is blessed with a very pleasing and enjoyable climate throughout the year.

Kerala fortunately gets two rainy seasons: the Southwest monsoon from June – August and the Northeast monsoon from October – November. God’s Own Country experiences pleasant and cool climate in January and February.  The three seasons of Kerala are Summer, Monsoon & Winter. 


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The summer season is from February to May. These months are identified by high temperature and humidity. The temperature varies between 24-33° C.  March is the hottest month with the maximum temperature of about 33° C. Random showers with lightening are seen which are characteristic of this season. 


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Monsoon is the best time in Kerala. With the sweet fragrance of the wet mud and the sparkling greenery everywhere, this season is the prime period of the year. This time is the best if you desire to have a glimpse and experience the monsoon of Kerala. During the summit of rainy season in June and July, the temperature would linger around 29°C. June to November can be called the Monsoon season. The monsoon season is considered ideal for Ayurvedic programmes. 

The Southwest Monsoon

The Southwest monsoon season begins from the month June to August. It is the most important rainy season, when Kerala receives about 70% of its annual rainfall. Moving towards the north, this seems to gain power because Peermede in Idukki and Vythiri in Wayanad receive the highest rainfall during this season. The rainfall is comparatively low in Lakshadweep islands. The southern areas receive around 40 – 50% and the northern areas receive around 80% of rainfall. In Malayalam (the regional language), this season is called as ‘Edavapathi’. 

The Northeast Monsoon 

The Northeast monsoon begins from October to November. During this season the Kanjirapalli – Peermede range receives the maximum rainfall, while the northern parts receive moderately less rainfall (approx. 10%) during this season. The Northeast monsoon season is popularly known as ‘Thulavarsham’. However, Kerala receives quite higher level of rainfall compared to other Indian states. 

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Photo by: Kerala Tourism

The winter period falls during the month of December and endures till January. During this season there is no rainfall in the state. The temperature varies between 22-32° C.

Tourism and climate

With regards to travellers, any day is a good day to come to Kerala. We have 3 travel seasons each of which attracts a different experience seeking traveller to Kerala. The related articles section below might have a few write ups that might interest you.

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