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Ayurveda Packages


Discover the healing powers of Ayurveda on a vacation in India. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest surviving medical system which offers a different outlook towards health. It sees good health as the equilibrium achieved by a balanced mind, body and soul. This means, when you come on an ayurveda vacation, you don’t treat a disease you get a complete solution to a revitalised life.

Start your journey to eternal youth:
learn about ayurveda as a way of life

We believe you would like to know more about ayurveda before we talk about specific therapies and holiday itineraries. This section features four carefully curated articles which will give you all the basic information necessary to understand ayurveda principles, treatment modalities, famed resorts and tips on how to plan a wellness vacation. Read on!

ayurveda article

Ayurveda and its
Basic Principles

ayurveda article

Prime Treatments
in Ayurveda

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Ayurveda Resorts and
Treatment Centres

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Tips to Plan an
Ayurveda Experience

Rejuvenate your mind, soul and body with the Ayurveda wellness therapies we offer

We offer specific therapies and treatments for overall health and happiness of the individual. This section gives general information on some of the signature treatment programmes we offer. Our partnerships with green-leaf certified full-fledged ayurvedic wellness centres will help us find you the best place to do a therapy of your interest within your budget.

Ayurveda wellness therapies

If you are looking for specific treatment for diseases like arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis or others just send an enquiry and we will recommend some specialised treatment centers.

Use our customizable ayurveda itineraries
to build your own health holiday

Below we have curated 3 ayurveda wellness itineraries covering South India each of which features different destinations and experience ranges. These itineraries can be customised/tweaked keeping in mind your preferences of therapy, choice of ayurveda resort, destination, period of stay and budget.

Ayurveda Break

This exclusive ayurveda break in Kerala will relax your body, mind and spirit like nothing else

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Kerala Wellness

The package gives you the quintessential Kerala travel experience along with ayurveda.

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Heritage & Ayurveda

This vacation gives you the heritage attractions of south India along with an authentic ayurveda experience.

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How to book an ayurveda holiday using our expert
travel planning service

First, you would need to finalise the ayurveda wellness therapy you are looking for (above). Then check out some of our featured ayurveda itineraries (above) and let us know how you would like your holiday to be. Send us an enquiry with this information and we will come up with options for you taking all your requirements into consideration.

Why Indus for your Ayurveda Holiday?

ayurveda packages
  • We give you options across theme and budget:

    When you choose to spend anywhere between 7 to 30 days at a place, would it be in a village, by the backwaters, beach or in a heritage palace? Kerala can spoil you with options on theme and budget.

  • Choose the right place for your particular requirement

    With over a decade of experience designing ayurveda holidays, we know from customer feedback and personal inspection which places have yielded better results for particular treatments. Rely on our expertise.

  • Detailed planning of the holiday

    In between your treatment you will have enough time for some creative pursuits like painting, cooking, reading, pottery or photography. We work with centres to make your outside treatment life lively as well.

  • Add-on tours

    Outside the ayurveda regime, you might want to explore South India as well. Our packages are planned such that you can indulge without compromising the effectiveness of your treatment.

Feel free to ask our team to design a programme specific to your need. It's amazing what ayurveda can do for you.

Design my
Ayurveda Vacation