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We want to bring the human touch back to our
cultural interactions

For over 12 years we’ve been helping travelers connect with the culture, landscapes, people and food throughout South India. While discovering the must-see attractions, we aspire to help you uncover genuine experiences that will give you stories worth remembering.

Indus Holidays is an experiential travel outfitter based in Kochi (India) offering custom-crafted tours. Our aim is simple: showcase South India (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa & Kerala) at its exotic best with the warmth of personalised service. Here is us in a snapshot:


Professional Experience

Customised holiday planning in South India travel


Regional Specialist

First-hand expertise in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa

Responsible Travel

Our Approach

We work towards making travel better for everyone involved

Corporate Introduction

Indus Holidays is a comprehensive solution provider and widely acknowledged authority for travel to South India. Accredited by India's leading government and tourism bodies, Indus is a professionally managed enterprise which has earned a reputation for its innovative products and exemplary service standards.

As a fast growing travel enterprise, we offer the entire gamut of travel related services starting from transportation, tour operation, ground assistance, group and individual travel to an array of special interest tours and bespoke experiences. Indus aims to curate unique journeys in a responsible way while ensuring travelers have access to every comfort. It is all part of manifesting our travel concept - 'Five Senses and a Million Experiences' 

Five Senses and a Million Experiences

Don’t visit as a passive tourist, come, connect with all your senses and absorb the destination like an insider


Indus Holidays was founded in 2002 by S Krishna Kumar, an international banker turned travel professional. His travels took him to 65 countries before a curious personal incident led to him converting his exposure & passion to build a boutique tourism firm. Indus started informally in the late 90's as a pioneer in Kerala backwater tourism giving unprecedented access and detailing in showcasing the fascinating backwaters to global travellers

As a formal organization, we have carried with us the values of 'extraordinary detailing' and 'customer orientation' on our journey to become a full service South India tour operator. Based from our corporate office at Kochi (Kerala), we have assembled an amazing team from whom you can expect passionate & personal expertise and world class service when you book a tour though us. To meet our team and read about our journey click on the image below:

best beaches in kerala

This is Krishna exploring the uncharted hills of Kerala during the early days of Indus


Indus Holidays has over the years carved its own space in the dynamic hospitality industry of India. We work hard to become the first choice travel solution provider for travellers and partner with like-minded travel organisations from all over the world. Here are some highlights of our service:


Indus operates through its fully networked offices & associated offices in main cities of South India with trained staff to ensure service standards are met on all tours


As a special interest tour provider, Indus was among the pioneers of Kerala backwater tourism when we informally started operation in the 90's.


Indus has its own fleet of 'state-of-the-art' vehicles and attached transportation with a team of trained chauffeurs. 


As a regional specialist, we keep an eagle eye on prices with a vast network of hotels, resorts, homestays and experience providers to leverage best deals for our customers.

The way we see it, we are only as good as our last
customer experience. 

Our Customers Speak

While it has been our constant endeavour to go the extra mile in services, what actually matters is what our customer feel about us. Featured below is a snapshot of some lovely moments our customers have shared with us.


Indus is a 360 degree solution provider for any travel related service in South India. Starting as a special interest tour provider, our services have been honed and diversified by decades of insight into customer requirements. Our range of services include custom solutions for niche, group or individual travelers and corporations. 

As a service provider, we understand that attention to detail, dedicated personnel and personalised touch-ups make all the difference between an average and exceptional service. Our networked offices, fully owned vehicular fleets, trained staff and 12+ years of professional experience puts us in a position to provide exceptional value right from planning to final delivery stages. 

Our services are broadly classified in 4 specialized divisions:

Personalised Holiday planning in South India

We understand that travel is an expression of individuality. This is why, we hand-craft your trip working around your comfort zones and season it with like-minded experiences for a personalised journey. We provide customised solutions for 3 types of leisure travelers bound to South India:

Individual Travel

We handle a sizable volume of individual travelers and is a core interest area for us. Our creative team will offer individual travelers a great degree of flexibility and expose you to authentic experiences all while working around your individual travel style. We offer end to end service to include transportation, accommodation, flights, activities, guides and special interest tour add-ons. 

With our meticulous planning and emphasis on individual interests, you can rest assured that your holiday is in safe hands.

Group Travel

It requires real expertise to handle the dual expectations of group needs and individual attention while planning and delivering group holidays. At Indus, we combine the science of organization with the fine art of hospitality to make group travel hassle-free. You can expect great detailing and meticulous planning from our team. 

Take advantage of our network, experience and purchasing power with leading hotels/resorts in the region to ensure availability of mass bookings at destinations of choice. Every aspect of group travel is managed with finesse so that the traveler has nothing to worry during his/her vacation.

Special Interest Tours

Special Interest Tours has been where we have been focusing on since the late 1990's. As an informed traveler, we understand your need for a deep experience which 'one-size-fits-all' packages cannot deliver. As an experienced player, you will find that our recommendations are well researched and authentic.

Whether you wish to discover the culinary secrets of India, take a light adventure tour in our hills, travel back in time on a cultural voyage in South India or take a motorcycle tour we have the team and experts to give you the right exposure. We also arrange tours to cultural festivals, boat race events and temple festivals showcasing parts of South India which few travelers have access to.

Personalised Corporate tour Management

At Indus, we have a dedicated team of specialists to focus on Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.  Our services go beyond handling basic travel needs. Our team makes a thorough understanding of the objectives you wish to achieve with every incentive plan and personalise the package accordingly.

Our team will assist you in every stage of planning like pre-tour familiarization visits, air ticketing, arranging booking at hotels, meal arrangements, technical backup and event management. As destination experts in South India, we bring in the flavour of the land to corporate outings.

Here is a snapshot of some of our esteemed clients over the years for our MICE tours:

A luxury fleet with a team of professional chauffeurs 

Indus has its own fleet of vehicles and attached transportation with a team of trained chauffeurs. We understand the value that a good and experienced team of ground handling experts add to holiday. That is why we take extra care and have full control over the quality of the travel experience.

Our team brings to practise the Indian aphorism 'Adhithi Devo Bhava' (treat the guests like gods)

We have options for groups like mini buses/coaches (12 seater to 18 seater) and personalized vehicle options for independent travelers (3 seater to 6 seater). Our fleet also covers cars/MUVs that cater to requirements of luxury, budget and adventure travelers.

Our Service commitment

Experience and Safety : We take utmost care not only in maintaining the vehicles but also in ensuring that our drivers are well trained to make your journey a safe and comfortable

Quality of vehicle : Our fleet is relatively new and we only retain vehicles in the best of condition.

Cleanliness/Standards : For all luxury vehicles we go for white seat covers and drivers wear uniform while on duty
Most importantly, we would do everything in our capacity to ensure a hassle-free travel experience

Other special services that we offer 

Besides the general travel segment we offer some special services for travelers and travel businesses as featured in this section. These services are off-shoots from our other areas of expertise in the travel segment and compliment many of the tours we offer.

Ayurveda and Health Tourism

With our promoters hailing from a famous Ayurveda family in Kerala, our team has honed its skill in identifying and suggesting places to get the best treatment according to your requirement. Like any other field, Ayurveda is a field of specialists and we recommend places based on history of treatment. Our long term status as a preferred service provider also ensures that you get the best deal and services during your Ayurveda rejuvenation/treatment.

Destination   Weddings

An Indian style destination wedding could be a truly unforgettable experience. The amazing traditions, colour and boutique location makes for an exceptional event. At Indus, we merge our capabilities as a MICE handler and special interest tour provider to curate amazing weddings. A high degree of customisation and orientation towards tradition make our services unique.

We handle everything from planning wedding events with fine detailing, co-ordinating multiple venues, handling guests and decoration to catering and themes making the whole affair a completely tension-free experience.

Hotel / Homestay Booking (B2B Service)

Our standing as a preferred service provider with an extensive network of resorts & hotels puts us in a great place for rate negotiations. Besides the range of conventional hotels/ resorts we have an extensive list of boutique properties and home stays which we can recommend to guests. 

Ground   Assistance (B2B Service)

This a service we offer to travel businesses around the world who send clients to South India. We have a ground assistance team who will meet and greet groups and reduce all hassles of settling-in after reaching a new destination. We also provide the services of experienced and licensed tour guides in a variety of foreign languages.

We also offer tour escorts (depending on requirement) who will be able to liason well with all hotel providers and provide the local factor into organised group holidays. Our aim is to enhance the overall experience with the human element service touch-ups.

The Indus Travel Concept

The India that most travellers know of is the one with ancient architecture, picturesque landscapes and busy streets. While you discover must-see attractions, there is a simpler, but more beautiful part which the common traveller hardly know of - the real charm of India - its people.

The more you think about it, you’ll realize that the sights you See are but a small part of a destination experience. Going beyond the sights themselves, as you Feel the culture, Taste the local cuisine, Hear the stimulating music and get Touched by the healing power of the land, you connect with a place at a much deeper level.

We realise that the greatest souvenirs are not taken home in a camera, it is in the spaces of human interaction and heart-warming experiences.  A souvenir which manifests time and again as everlasting memories. It was this thought of giving a well-rounded, diverse and deep experience that evolved into our travel philosophy

Five Senses and a Million Experiences

'Don’t visit as a passive tourist, come, connect with all your senses and absorb the destination like an insider’

Imagine, a travel experience which offers a treat for all the five senses and, at the end of it all, for the sixth sense too! It is this dimension of travel that we aspire to bring in to all tours we design. That is why, as you weave your way through South India with us, you can expect out-of-the-ordinary and authentic travel experiences.

We bring our thoughts to action using - 'Responsible tourism', 'God is in the detail' and 'Value for experience' - as guidelines to our style of operation. It is all part of our commitment to our 'Five Senses and Million Experiences' travel concept. Read on to discover how we bring in these values to deliver a truly unique travel experience for you.

Responsible tourism

Responsible Tourism is about making travel better for both the guest and the host

At Indus, we focus our tours on understanding the living by giving an experience true to the land's ethos and steeped in its culture. This commitment makes it possible for us curate enriching exchanges for both the host and the traveller. The best part is that to participate in the life of locals you do not have to forgo luxury.

While unobtrusively giving access to locals, the traveller gets an authentic experience. For the locals, it bolsters their sense of pride, protects ethnic art forms and promotes local crafts by supplementing their incomes. At Indus, we partner with organisations who share our views and promote ecologically sensitive practices. We help people travel with a low footprint.

'God is in the detail'

We try to understand you better and help you get downright personal with the destination

Standard recommendations and usual touristy rip-off's are a generalist’s game. For a true-blood travel solution provider, detailing is at a totally different level. We have already done the hard work, extensively traveling our region of expertise to build personal rapport with handpicked properties (across budget ranges) & experience providers. How we use this expertise to work to the minutest detail makes all the difference.

Your trip has to be your style. We make the effort to understand you better. If you are a passionate shopper, we not only help shop for local stuff, but we might take you behind the scenes where the local crafts are actually made. For history buffs, we might conclude a heritage tour with high tea with the erstwhile king's family. For culture lovers it might be access to local rituals, for luxury seekers it is about using our rapport with the GM's and owners of homestays to deliver exceptional service and upgrades. 

Our approach is to suggest, leave ultimate creative control in your hand and still deliver pleasant surprises to give the best of both worlds.

'Value for Experience'

We believe in not restricting your options but in getting you the best experience possible in your budget 

We do not use the 'Lowest price headline' to attract our customers. We don't sham our customers with places which compromise the experience at an unbelievable price. Our prices are well considered, comprehensive and competitive using our buying power as a regional specialist. We like to operate in a transparent fashion and you will certainly not find additional charges being suddenly applied. 

This value also means that we won't cut corners on the delivery side. In fact, we believe in making the small things count when it comes to service. For example, our vehicles will be in the best of condition and your chauffeur will be a trained professional with sensitivity to your needs as a guest. We help out with local phone connection and share valuable local insights. We believe that providing intangible value makes all the difference between good and great.

As a team we treat travellers as our honoured guest and consider it a privilege to showcase our land. Our focus on indulging your senses will allow you to savour the connection you develop as you travel through South India. Click on the logos below to see details of what we offer.

Meet Our Team

Indus aspires to put together bespoke travel experiences to South India with a human touch. We have assembled an amazing team to make it happen. Simply put, we are a motley group of professionals with diverse interests working together to bring in a gamut of experience specializations.  

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

As a team, we find that we increasingly love to explain what we know about this vast country. The sheer variety - history, festivals, adventure, food, wellness and more - it ensures that our learning never ends.  So that is where we are heading - helping others enjoy this beautiful land while ensuring that locals who support the experience benefit. Below we introduce our core team:

S Krishna Kumar

Managing Director

‘KK’ as he is popularly known, is an international banker turned tourism entrepreneur. An MBA by qualification, his work and curiosity to see the world took him to more than 65 countries before he returned to India to set up this travel venture. Indus Holidays, which made a modest beginning in the late 1990’s has today evolved into an innovative travel house under his able stewardship. His interests in the travel & tourism field have taken shape in multiple ventures in hospitality like boutique resorts and responsible tourism projects as well.

Outside work, you are likely to hear him talk passionately about agriculture. His interests in farming keep him strongly rooted to his home, the backwater village of Kumarakom.

Usha Narayan

Chief of Operations

Usha is the inspiration of our entire operations team comprising of a small group of committed tour experts and customer care executives. With 12 years of experience catering to the needs of travellers around the globe, she prides herself in delivering matchless service and makes your travel agenda personal. Her team will get you the best deals around and takes you in the right direction to plan delightful travel experiences in South India. She also handles the responsibilities of our in-house transportation wing.

In her down time, she is an active proponent of meditation and spirituality. She devotes time in social service and attends Rajayoga classes regularly.

Jeevan Krishnakumar

Chief Explorer

Jeevan makes it his business to explore the country and curate authentic travel experiences for our clients. He is a post graduate in rural management from the elite institute – IRMA. He uses his ‘grassroots manager’ background to engage effectively with locals, initiate partnerships with the community and in turn help our customers get the most unique experiences. When off the travel research grid, he is the brain behind the firm’s marketing outreach and leads our technology team too. Do read his travel blogs for some useful tips.

In his down time, Jeevan would probably be training for his next marathon or taking a long ride on his Royal Enfield. While on a reading spree, his pet topic is Indian heritage/history.

Hemalatha S

Chief of Finance & Admin

Hema is the energy behind the smooth internal functioning of the Indus team. After having started her career in teaching, her financial acumen and talent for human resource development are being put to better use at Indus Holidays. She takes cue from our client feedback loop to improve our quality and service standards. Her training adds value to our service line by making our professional team better every day. Outside work, you will find Hema nurturing her passion for singing being a trained singer in carnatic music. She loves her cooking as well, picking up tips from cuisines across the globe.

Our Journey - Trailing the routes

This section briefly gives us insights into how Indus Holidays was founded and our journey to become a full-fledged South India tour operator. Here is a sneak-peak into what you will read:

  • Discover how our founder travelled to 65 countries and explored the world
  • How a curious personal incident nudged him to return to his backwater village in Kerala
  • How our team gave a fresh approach to tourism in the backwaters
  • The evolution of our travel philosophy - 'Five Senses and a Million Experiences'

And lots more!  Click on the Our Journey link above  to read the complete personal note from our founder, Shri. S Krishna Kumar

Our Journey

A personal note from our founder

Our Journey

best beaches in kerala

Our journey – A personal note from our founder

Mr.Kumar, you are a very lucky person having been born in such a beautiful part of the world. Incidentally, I have just returned
from a lovely holiday at Kumarakom?

An immigration staff at Heathrow Airport (London) had just seen my passport and couldn’t contain her excitement. The ‘Place of Birth’ column on my passport showed ‘Kumarakom’ and it appeared to inspire some really warm memories. It was my first encounter with praise for my village, a place which, till that point of time, I believed to be godforsaken. This curious little incident in the late 90’s led to the inception of Indus Holidays.

The background: How I travelled to 65 countries

After leaving my backwater village in Kumarakom (Kerala) on graduation, I travelled half way across the globe to London (UK) on work as an international banker. The kind of assignments I ended up taking first exposed me to the joys of travel. For more than a decade, I mapped my way through different continents making the best of both professional opportunities and personal time. Like every veteran traveller, I transformed to a person of culture, adventure and compassion. Friends used to joke that I had no feet only wheels!

It was during a return from one such trip that I met the woman at the immigration office. The warm feelings that an outsider had about my home land was really moving. The incident triggered some deep thoughts and nudged me in the direction of my future.

Sometimes it takes a genuine endorsement from an outsider to appreciate what is truly your own.

A chance realisation had happened and the idea of doing something meaningful at home was indeed inviting. Armed with nothing but some ideas which I had acquired during my travels, I headed to back to Kerala (India).

Rediscovering our roots: The initial days

In 1998, we started in a very informal way by exploring opportunities in the backwater villages. Our eyes were tuned to the gems that the village community lived with each and every day. We thought if we could give access to these experiences it would be like treasure to the traveler. Amongst our first forays revolved around the snake boat races. Our team initiated local partnerships and engaged communities so that travelers across the globe could join in the elaborate race preparation and cheer for a team while experiencing the race.

While giving travellers unforeseen access we were also able to supplement the incomes of the poorer section of
society living by the backwaters'

The 'boat race experience' along with many of our culturally immersive tours on yoga/ayurveda, festivals and village life soon gained traction with tourists looking for unique backwater experiences. We wanted people to experience the best of the land and the business became a vehicle to help other human beings. It was the fun experience of handling responsible tourism ventures in the Kumarakom backwaters that inspired us to formally setup Indus Holidays in 2002.

Building the firm around the values

From the beginning, Indus Holidays was conceived as a travel venture with a difference. Building on our base as a special interest tour provider, we focused on authentic first-hand experiences along with first class service in our carefully selected portfolio of resorts/home-stays. The idea was to create an experience that would continue to play out in your mind long after the journey is over. This thought of giving a well-rounded, diverse and deep experience soon evolved into our travel philosophy:

While giving travellers unforeseen access we were also able to supplement the incomes of the poorer section of society living by the backwaters'

The 'boat race experience' along with many of our culturally immersive tours on yoga/ayurveda, festivals and village life soon gained traction with tourists looking for unique backwater experiences. We wanted people to experience the best of the land and the business became a vehicle to help other human beings. It was the fun experience of handling responsible tourism ventures in the Kumarakom backwaters that inspired us to formally setup Indus Holidays in 2002.

best beaches in kerala

Five Senses and a Million Experiences

Don’t merely visit as a passive tourist, come, connect with all your senses and absorb the destination like an insider

This dimension of travel helped us to deliver out-of-the-ordinary and authentic travel experiences which became popular with experience-seekers. We were soon encouraged to expand our horizons to identify other destinations in Kerala. Today, we have grown organically to spread our operations to include heritage sites of Tamil Nadu, undiscovered Karnataka and beaches of Goa making us a full service South India tour operator with a diverse portfolio of travel products.

Extending a warm welcome to you

At the core, our journey was never about joining the bandwagon of travel service providers, it has always been about re-discovering what is truly your own. It is this deep and passionate feel that you can expect when you travel with Indus Holidays. After 12+ years of operations, we continue with our narrow focus of destinations which helps us keep our tours personal and powered by our research expertise.

Our growth has also seen the group foray into other parts of the hospitality industry with our own brand of boutique resorts which has helped us further our cause of inclusive and responsible tourism.

The journey continues today with every traveller giving us new creative challenges and their kind words keeping us enthused to improve our services. Thank you for taking time to know us better. We have lots more to share. Come, join us on a tour as we take you through South India. You’ll leave with much more than just beautiful pictures!


S Krishna Kumar
Managing Director

Certificates & Membership

Certifications & Accreditation


Why travel with us

We know our chosen destinations. We have explored, inspected, tried and tested and we have travelled hard miles to gain the expertise. We draw on this know-how and knowledge to curate rich and inspiring experiences. We top this up with very high standards of personal service that today's travellers expect and demand.

The key to a memorable holiday lies in the range and quality of experiences, perfect organization of the tour and all this at the right price. This is where a specialist tour operator adds value to your holiday. Below is furnished the cornerstone of our travel promise to our clients.

We do not recommend any experience/place that we have not personally tried out

Knowledge is first-hand experience. Everything else is just information. Our explorer team makes it their business to continuously inspect and curate new experiences which we deliver to our clients

We are committed to the Responsible tourism movement

Indus believes in operating in a way that is beneficial to all – to the customer, the locals, the environment and us.

We offer value for experience

The satisfaction in a holiday comes from the quality of experience you are paying for and not getting the best price alone. We believe not in restricting your options but in getting you the best possible in what suits your budget.

Transparent operations & Personalised service

From the moment we get your first enquiry to the execution of the tour, the entire itinerary down to every single hotel room is discussed and confirmed to your choice. We will deliver what we promise.

Most importantly, we would do everything possible to ensure you return with memories to last a lifetime!